Why Millennials Make Great Investors [Surprisingly!] | Phil Town

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Millennials get a bad rep when it comes to investing, but the truth is that most millennials have a financial background and an outlook that makes them very well-suited for becoming successful investors. Milliennials have plenty of advantages working in their favor. http://bit.ly/2Bo1a3O

Like millenials, you should be careful when dealing with the stock market and do thorough research. Click the link above for investing tools that show you the 5 numbers you should be looking for that determine a smart investment.

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Why You Should Start a 401k

The so-called “defined-benefit” pension plans are the way out. Unfortunately, because of globalization, corporations are less willing to carry the burdens of retirement for their employees. Replacing pensions are “defined-contribution” programs such as the 401k. Although not as safe as traditional pension plan, they are an excellent way to build wealth. You should definitely set one up at your earliest convenience.

Individual 401(K) Fund – A Smart Way to Invest

If you are self employed, the government gives you a great way to invest for your retirement. Learn more!

The Roth IRA – A Simpler Way of Directing Your Retirement Money

The freedom that you seek through your investment dollars is often hampered and restrained by limiting regulations and penalties on the more traditional savings accounts. The Roth IRA, which is the most common type of self directed IRA investing tools, offers a great deal of flexibility while remaining free of the certain tax liabilities offered by other IRA types. There are many differences between the traditional IRA and the self directed Roth, beginning with the initial funds used to open either account. The moneys used to open a traditional IRA can be untaxed, and they are taxed heavily upon withdrawal. The Roth IRA is opened with taxed dollars, with funds remaining free of liability throughout the life of the IRA and upon withdrawal.

401k Retirement Investing

Many companies offer a 401k retirement plan yet there are still people who do not participate. There are many reasons why they do not participate but the important thing to remember is if you don’t enroll you are essentially losing free money.

Understanding Roth IRAs

As you consider your retirement fund, you have probably heard the term Roth IRA as an investment option. In this article, we will help you understand what a Roth IRA is and how it differs from a traditional IRA.

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