Why I Started Trading Stock Options (and you should too…)

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I’ve made a big change in my personal trading strategy recently and it has lots of subscribers asking, “why?”. In this video I want to share with you whey I started trading stock options and why you should too! As day traders one of our key jobs and required skills is to be flexible within the market. It can absolutely be annoying to need to change up strategies a bit, but once you get over that initial annoying hump, you’ll be glad you did! One of the most powerful facts about the stock market is the abundance of opportunities it offers to those willing to make the changes. Maybe you do not know much about stock options. Who knows, maybe you have no idea what I mean when I say “stock option” because you are a total beginner day trader who is just getting started. That’s okay! The good news is stock options are very straight forward after you get a few of the key concepts mastered. I hope I can open your eyes to the potential stock options offer and show you why you should consider using them within your personal day trading strategies.

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Is the Silver Market in Another Bubble? Could We See a Fall in Prices?

The price of silver attained new highs as it crossed $ 45, an increase of 33 % for the year-to-date, yet numerous economists are now starting to question how much further it can go. This article will look at the factors that could see a drop in the price.

Gold, Silver, And The Coming Deep Winter Of The Dollar

Prosperity leads to the demand for more, and endless, prosperity. This is realized by an exponential rise in public and private debt leading to unsustainable levels of debt overhang. And the real kicker is this: Debt is no longer taken on to create opportunities but to sustain the status quo and to maintain our fantasy and to deny reality.

Price of Gold Per Gram

If you interested in learning how to figure out the price of gold per gram you’ve come to the right place. Don’t get fooled or taken advantage of by selling your gold below it’s value. Learn how.

How to Clean Gold and Silver Coins

If you keep your gold and silver coins in a protective barrier like a plastic case, then you won’t have to worry about keeping them clean. However, if for whatever reason your coins show tarnish, dirt, or any other superficial wear and tear, then there are several ways to get them clean.

Silver Pricing Reaches For The Sky

The greatest indicator of the future of silver is the most fundamental: supply and demand. In 2010 approximately 735 million ounces of silver was mined and in this same time frame over 605 million ounces were consumed by industrial demand, the balance going to satisfy investment consumption. Further it is estimated there is currently about 1.2 billion ounces of silver held in inventories, which is contrasted with the 2.2 billion ounces of gold being held in inventory reserves. Over the last 100 years the overall above-ground supply of gold has steady increased, but the silver total has fallen from a previous world-wide inventory of over 12 billion ounces.

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