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Are you watching what is happening in the world today? Global Pandemic, Dramatic Stock Market Volatility, Trade Wars with China, U.S. Debt Piling up, Banks charging Negative Interest Rates, the Fed printing money again. World economies are poised for a major freefall.

In 2008, many Americans lost a large portion of their retirement savings. Fortunately, those who were protected, invested in physical gold and silver. Watch this video to prevent huge losses from the looming financial crisis that is expected to cripple our financial systems.

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Gold Bullion – Safe Haven for Savvy Investors

The term bullion refers to gold, silver and other precious metals in form of coins, ingots or bars. Intrinsically, the value of bullion is determined by the purity and mass of the precious metal content. However, from time immemorial gold bullion has proven to be short and/or long term solution during dangling financial situations. Therefore, savvy investors and any reasonable person(s) needs to give greater consideration to their investment vehicles, thus gold bullion is the most effective and efficient strategy

Important Considerations When Trading Gold

There are plenty of important things to consider if you want to trade gold today. Also, be aware of the factors that will affect its price so you will when to invest.

The Importance of Collecting US Junk Coins

If you are new at collecting coins, or you are even thinking about collecting coins, you should learn about “junk” coins. I’ve been collecting for about forty years. When I started, I had a little money to use for buying coins.

Don’t Give Up Your Gold

Gold is seen as more trustworthy than any paper currency. And not only is gold alive and kicking, but it needs to play an important role in your portfolio.

The Saddle Ridge Hoard and the California Gold Rush

In 2013, a couple who lived in California was walking their dog on a trail within their property limits until the husband spotted a rusted metal can sticking out of the ground. He dug the can out of the ground. When he lifted it, he found out it was extremely heavy.

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