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Since the 2008 recession, the US stock market has seen historic gains. However as stock prices continue to climb there are good reasons to believe that the vast majority of the market is now overpriced. This makes finding companies that are on sale more difficult than it has ever been before. http://bit.ly/2FDV8fD

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Uncle Sam Gets Enough! Do We Really Need to Spoil Him?

We’ve all heard the old saying about the inevitability of death and taxes. Well, Uncle Sam thinks long term and he’s been waiting very patiently to tax the trillions of dollars sitting in IRAs, 401ks and other qualified accounts held throughout the United States.

Transitioning Between IRAs

Traditional IRAs are used more than self directed IRAs. Individuals are afraid that they do not contain enough knowledge to properly execute their own IRA. People feel more comfortable having a bank control their investing through a traditional IRA.

IRA Minimum Distribution

Before we give you an insight in to the things that one is required to know about the IRA minimum distribution, it is important to understand what IRA’s exactly are and how certain investments compensate the investor through an IRA minimum distribution. IRA’s stands for an Individual Retirement Account. This is solely based for individuals in the United States alone. As you may have guessed from the title of the name, the main purpose behind such an account is to ensure that a person after their retirement age has enough money to live comfortably. In comparison to other investment opportunities, the good thing about an IRA is that they offer some tax advantages which make them more appealing in comparison to other investment opportunities.

Self Directed IRA Custodians

Why is it so advantageous to have a self-directed IRA? Because it gives you many times the control over traditional work-sponsored 401k’s and Roth’s; it also gives you far greater control over your retirement fund(s).

Traditional IRA Contribution Limits

Even though many people think that there is a difference between traditional IRA contribution limits and those of a Roth IRA, in actual fact there is no difference what so ever. The traditional IRA contribution limits are exactly the same limits that you would expect to find with a Roth IRA as well. The only main differences that you will come across are certain benefits in pay out policies, which we will take a close look at in a moment.

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