WHY (and how) Revenge Trading Will Kill Your Profits [Day Trader 101]

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Revenge trading! It’s a nasty habit and trap to fall into and will kill your trading profits! Why and how does this happen? That’s what I want to show you. When you are just getting started in the financial markets and experience a loss, it is very easy to want to go and make another trade to recoup the loss. Well, in a very day trader 101 kind of way, do not do that! I realize the emotions in your head will make you believe it is a good idea to keep on trading to make the money back; however, if you understand why and how you are putting yourself as a trader in a dangerous location, it should be easier to avoid. Whether you are a beginner day trader or have some experience but continue to struggle to make consistent money, understanding the finer details of revenge trading (other than simply saying, “it is bad”) should help you in stepping away from making more trades when you know you should be done. Let’s take a look at how the stock market works from a time perspective and you’ll quickly see how revenge trading is totally rigged against you!

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Gold Stock Trading – How to Buy Gold Stock

Most people of the world are well accustomed with the word stock exchange. It is the backbone of any economy in the world. But now it’s time for people to realize the fact, that the financial sector gets a lot of boosting through the investments in the gold stock market.

American Eagle Coin – Adding Value to Your Investment

The American Eagle Coin is one of the mostly claimed coin for the sake of investments, not only in America, but worldwide. They are the sole bullion coins which are guaranteed by the government of United States for their purity, content and weight. Gold, silver and platinum are amongst the types of coin available.

Predictions Gold Price Trend in 2011

To predict means to foresee or foretell that a specific thing will happen. Listen, I don’t care who you are or how much you think you know, with the way things are going right now no one can accurately predict the Gold Price Trend for 2011. All you can do is look at the historical data and make an educated guess.

Gold Investing

If you take a look at the news on the television, you will see stock market videos showing the price of gold going up. The price has risen significantly from where it was eight years ago.

Does It Make Sense to Buy Gold at Its All Time High?

Right now, as many have watched the meteoric rise of gold, many have acted and bought gold. Many, however, ask the very wise question: “if gold is the highest it has ever been, shouldn’t I stay out? After all, if it is at its records, it might fall. If I invest now, I might lose money! I know about bubbles and how they work. Surely gold is a bubble about to burst since it is the highest it has ever been! Should I stay out of gold since it’s so high?”

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