What is Stagflation? (Economy Basics)

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Stagflation is an economic term you may have read in the headlines or within an article; however, maybe you are not quite sure what it is or what causes it? I understand for many, “talking the economy” can be yawn inducing, but the good news here is, understanding stagflation is very straight forward. When you learn about economy basics such as stagflation you become a more well rounded and knowledgeable person. I would argue this can only benefit society and help it, as a whole, improve. The more people understand how something works and what causes it, the better chance there is of implementing the proper solutions. With that being said, I genuinely commend you if you are clicking to watch this video. It says quite a bit about you and your desire for knowledge and clarification on topics you admit you’re not sure about! We need more people in society like you! I know time is money and the most valuable commodity, so I will keep my explanation as brief as possible. The best way to look at stagflation is like a recipe…

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