What is “Dollar Cost Averaging”? (Investing 101)

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An important investing 101 concept that all investors should know about is dollar cost averaging, or otherwise known as “DCA”. Dollar cost averaging is a strategy that has been around for as long as investing has been around. The good news is, there is nothing complicated about the strategy. In all actuality, you might already be doing the investing strategy without even realizing it. That is how easy the strategy is! How does dollar cost averaging work? What is the math behind it? That’s what I’ll discuss in this video along with a very simple way to understand the math by asking yourself two very easy questions. There is nothing fancy or complicated in this video, but these are the best ones! When you can keep your investing strategy as easy and straight-forward as possible, you know you’re doing it right! If you are currently not doing this investing strategy, I hope this video opens up some ideas to you that you can consider in your wealth building efforts!

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