What Is A Precious Metals Roth IRA & How Does It Work

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When most people think of buying precious metals – gold and silver – they think of coins and bars. They may have visions of buying coins from a coin store, or from a bullion vault, or even from an online vendor. Little do they know that they can buy precious metals with an IRA.

0:00 – What is a Roth IRA?
0:37 – Roth IRA vs Traditional IRA
1:58 – Maximum annual contributions to IRA Accounts
2:39 – Conventional vs Alternative Assets
3:11 – Precious Metals IRA
3:40 – Wealth Protection
4:34 – Asset Growth
5:18 – Diversify Portfolio
5:42 – Starting A Precious Metals Roth IRA
6:01 – Starting From Scratch
6:33 – Roth IRA Rollover
6:59 – Roth IRA Conversion
7:37 – Is a Precious Metals Roth IRA Right For You?

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