Watch a CRAZY Stock Earnings Report… LIVE! (Trading 101)

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In order to be part of the USA stock market, you must agree to be a “publicly traded company”. This means you must show the public all your numbers from an accounting standpoint. When these numbers are disclosed to the general public and investment bankers, this is known as an “earnings report”. Investors and people on Wall Street use these earnings reports to help them decide whether they want to buy, hold or sell a company’s stock. Have you ever wondered what happens immediately after a stock releases its earnings report? Here’s a hint: the stock price can move in extremely crazy ways! How crazy can a stock’s price movement be? Let me show you in this live video where we waited for a company to release its earnings report and then… BOOM! If you are a beginner day trader and just getting started in the stock market, this video will also serve as a warning as to why I believe you should NOT be trading earnings reports. When you are new to the stock market, you need to ease into situations slowly and carefully. There is no need to take my word for it when I say to avoid earnings reports, all you need to do is watch this video and witness the price movement for yourself. I should note, if you are not interested in treating day trading seriously and like a business (in other words, are you just here to gamble?), then fine… have fun with earnings reports. For everyone else though, be sure to steer clear of the earnings report and allow others to, in my cases, lose a whole lot of money.

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