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Warren Buffett’s investment philosophies are central to Rule #1 investing. Beyond just “never lose money,” his ideas all center around a sober, thoughtful, and diligent approach to investing. http://bit.ly/2GMEd8A

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Things to Avoid When Rolling Over a 401K

Completing a 401k rollover does not have to be the huge and complicated mess that it sometimes turns into. However, even though it does not have to be difficult, there are still a few things that you should watch out for to keep things moving along quickly.

A Good Solution For Doing a 401K Rollover

I read somewhere recently that the average American will change careers 7 times during the course of his or her working years. I was pretty astounded by that. Not just 7 job changes, but 7 career changes.

Investing in a 401k

There are lots and lots of options as far as retirement accounts go. 401k plans, IRA’s, SEP’s, annuities, and more. Some have different advantages and work better for some situations than others, but the 401k is a very interesting retirement account. Let’s take a look at the advantages a 401k provides and see why you should consider investing in one.

Tips For Rolling Over a 401k

Anytime you leave a job after investing money into the 401k offered by your previous employer, you are faced with the situation of needing to decide what to do with that money. You have several options, and some of them are good but others should be avoided. Let’s take a look at what you should do to make your 401k rollover easy and hassle-free.

Exploring Options For Rolling Over a 401k

Sooner or later just about all of us are going to find ourselves in the situation of changing jobs after having invested money into the company 401k plan. While investing in a 401k is nearly always a good idea, leaving your job at that company means you’re going to have to decide what you want to do with that money.

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