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It’s easier to avoid mistakes and decrease risk by investing in companies you’re familiar with, and that have meaning to you. In today’s clip from the InvestED podcast, Danielle and I discuss value investing in 2021, and best practices for investors of all levels to be successful in the stock market.

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00:00 – Habits of successful investors
02:02 – Margin of safety
03:06 – Value investing in 2021
06:14 – Phil example
08:32 – Power of the internet


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Self-Directed IRA Rule Changes in 2014

IRA contributions are adjusted to higher levels to go along with inflation, but between 2013 and 2014 there wasn’t enough of a change to inflation to justify a contribution increase. This means that the $5,500 contribution cap still exists for an IRA account. The additional catch up amount of $1,000 for those over 50 is still the same as well at $1,000 in contributions a year.

A Simple, Easy Solution to Your Retirement Plan Problems

The self-directed IRA is in fact perfectly legal and is actually encouraged by the United States government itself. A lot of people think of the self-directed IRA as being too good to be true and think of it simply as an account that takes advantage of vague loopholes that has not yet been closed by the IRS or a scheme designed specifically to cheat it.

How to Invest in Business Start-Ups With Your IRA

Each year three million new start-ups are created in the United States and with each of those another investment opportunity. There are two different ways to invest money into a new startup using a SDIRA.

What Every Investor Should Know About Self-Directed IRA’s

It’s always a good idea to do your due-diligence for new investments opportunities as a well-informed investor like yourself. Here are some of the main points that every investor should know about when considering a self-directed IRA as an investment.

How To Invest In Tax Liens Using A Self-Directed IRA

Did you know that investing in tax liens can be extremely lucrative? Even more surprising, did you also know that you could buy tax liens with a self-directed IRA? Since patience is the name of the game when it comes to tax liens, utilizing retirement investments may be the right decision for you.

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