Universal Healthcare: How to Make It Happen (morally…)

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Universal healthcare has become a very popular topic as of late. Many people believe that having healthcare is something that all human beings are entitled to, and I can certainly understand and appreciate the place of compassion the thought is coming from. Universal healthcare is grounded in the grounds of morality. It is “good” and “fair” that no fellow human should suffer unnecessarily when they live in a society with such great medical technologies and capabilities. The tricky part comes into play due to the fact that these medical technologies and such cost money. The equipment needs to be engineered and built, the doctors themselves need to be paid, the hospital buildings requirement maintenance… yet another cost. Point being, healthcare is not free to produce. Because of this, we need to place a weight on being smart with our money. I would hope everyone agrees that being smart with your money is a wise choice when it comes to something as aggressive as universal healthcare. I wanted to give my thoughts on how to make universal healthcare happen in a moral way. As I stated earlier, mortality is the centerpiece of the reasons for demanding universal healthcare, and I think it can be done in a moral way that is fair to everyone involved. Let me share my thoughts with you…

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