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Purchase Easy Gold Schemes for Your Wedding Bash

Gold has always remained an integral part of Indian culture, religion and weddings. It is always a part of religious ceremonies as well as Indian weddings. Gold is one of the best investments to make after property as it fetches high returns.

Not All “We Buy Gold” Dealers Are Created Equal

Gathering up all of your unwanted gold and selling it to a dealer that advertises “We Buy Gold” is a great way to raise some money for your everyday needs, bills and even holidays. Before you decide where to take your gold, understand that not all of these dealers are created equal. Take precautions before you sell to ensure that you are not falling for one of the frauds that are out there.

Have You Considered the Magic of Inflation? Adding a Zero to the Price of Everything

Have you noticed over the last 30 to 35 years what’s happened to the US dollar? Interestingly, you can simply add a zero to the cost of everything in 1975 to 1980 and get the price today. That means prices have gone up by a factor of ten in the last 30 to 35 years. I call it adding a zero, or moving the decimal place over to the right one space.

The American Gold Eagle Coin

This article explains the American Gold Eagle Coin, the perks of investing in it, the coin’s design and the history behind the gold coin. This article also explains the best sources for seeking, buying or selling the coin.

Not Quite Time for Gold to Shine

This week’s article takes a look at the commercial trader positions in gold, Euro FX and the U.S. Dollar and examines the relationship between these markets as we look for current and future trading opportunities.

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