Trading Psychology: Trading Blind Spots and Why they Matter | Class 1

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Trading Psychology: Master Your Mind. Make Money. is my free online class where I do a deep dive into all things trader psychology. Beginners and traders who are just getting started in the stock market, cryptocurrency market, Forex market, etc. often times do not realize how important your psychology is as a trader. From my experience, people first learn how to set up a broker, learn candlesticks and technical charts, and then begin trading. It’s not until a bit further into their journey when see the problems of their emotions and own mind. In Class 1, I want to set up some foundational context that can (should) be referred back to throughout the course of the future classes. It’s easy to say, “I would never do that!” or, “Why did I do such a stupid thing?”. This class will reveal those trading blind spots and why they matter so much. I look forward to embarking on this journey with you!

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