Trading 101: You Are Wasting Your Time (unless you do this…)

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When you are a beginner day trader and just getting started, it is very easy to waste your time by making choices that hinder your growth as a trader. The problem is, when you’re new and you don’t know what you don’t know, this includes not knowing what these choices are. I state the obvious when I say that no one wants to waste their time, however, in the world of day trading as a beginner, it is an extremely easy thing to do. The good news is, there are some situations where if you do tiny little things, it makes a huge amount of a difference. That’s what I want to show you in this video. I want you to show you a small choice you can make that will have an huge outsized gain in protecting you against wasting your time. This is a mistake I see beginner day traders make over and over again. The results are always the same: a waste of time and building of bad habits. Let me walk you through a quick little choice you can make that will ensure you approach learning how to day trader in a smart way that does not waste time!

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