Top 5 Gurus to Watch During COVID-19 | Phil Town

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed life as we know it. With all of the news and articles flooding our devices, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. That’s why today I’m discussing my 5 favorite gurus that I’m watching closely, so you can also stay informed and prepare for market changes.

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Are Inflation-Indexed Bonds Right For You?

Inflation-indexed bonds offer inflation protection. These bonds are exempt from state and local taxes, but federal taxes apply. Semiannual interest payments are based on the interest rate applied to the inflation-indexed value of the principal. Inflation-protected bonds make the most sense in periods of high inflation.

Real-Estate Investing: Investing in REITs

Real-estate may provide investors with a high-yield and low risk investment combination for greater total return potential to a diversified long-term portfolio. For most people, investing in real estate begins and ends with the purchase of a home and any prospect of investing in office buildings, hotels, and shopping centers seems nearly impossible. However, these investments are more attainable than you may think, thanks to real estate investment trusts (REITs).

Roth or Traditional? Deciding Which 401k Is Right for You

All the different savings plans offered by companies and the government can be downright confusing. Learn here the difference between a Roth 401k and a traditional 401k. Then decide which retirement savings plan is right for you.

An Often-Overlooked Investment Opportunity: Non-Traded REITs

Residential properties are one great way of owning a piece of real estate for investors, but it is certainly not the only way. Investing in commercial real estate such as malls, medical office buildings, large properties, and hospitals – may provide investors with an income stream, potential tax benefits, protection against inflation, and substantial growth opportunities. In addition, real estate is a great way to add diversification benefits when combining it with other types of non-correlated investments such as equities and fixed income securities.

The Gold IRA Is More Popular Than Ever for Diversifying in Precious Metals

As an investor, did you know that thanks to the 1997 Taxpayer Relief Act, you are now able to do a 401k rollover into a self-directed Gold IRA? The popularity of setting up a self-directed Gold IRA, which allows investors to place physical precious metals like gold and silver into their investment portfolios, is sharply rising.

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