Top 10 Stocks For September 30, 2021 ( $CEI, $FAMI, $AMC, $LCID, $PALT, and more! )

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Learn how to trade big board and penny stocks by learning to read stock charts and identify technical patterns through technical analysis. Follow along and learn as I perform a quick stock chart technical analysis review on $CEI, $FAMI, $AMC, $LCID, $PALT, $NCNA, $F, $AMD, $DATS, $NAKD

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Buy Silver Now Before Silver Prices Take Off!

This article details one of six fundamental reasons silver prices are about to explode. Read this article and buy silver now… before it’s too late. This final article (number six) addresses the overall impact resulting from too little silver left to meet all its applications.

The Panda Gold Coin

As we all know, gold has always been the most sought after precious metal in the world. From ancient times, people have shown a particular preference for it and used it in various purposes. Either in the form of bullion or jewelry, the yellow metal has never ceased to be seen as a great investment opportunity. Later on, things got even better when gold coins made their first appearance.

Gold Investments and Ways to Invest in Gold

The diversified investment portfolio has a tiny position with the gold market. For some investors investing money in gold means purchasing gold coins. A few speculators purchase gold contact futures in the commodity exchange.

What Are the Factors That Determine the Value of a Gold Coin?

Collectors grade coins all the time simply by analyzing them and scaling them according to the category they fit. Grading a coin means establishing its value after finding out how damaged it is. All kinds of deterioration decrease their worth. Gold coins are made entirely or almost entirely out of the precious metal.

The 2010 Panda Gold Coins

The first Giant Panda Gold coin was minted 28 years ago in China. The Chinese wanted to honor an endangered species having its natural habitat only on a few mountains in China. The Giant Panda bears are part of the bear family with the only difference that their diet is based on leaves. Such a big animal needs a huge amount of food and it can only manage to grow to its adult dimensions and survive if it spends most of its time eating.

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