Top 10 Stocks For December 03, 2021 ( $ARDX, $PHUN, $AMC, $NIO, $BFRI, and more! )

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Learn how to trade big board and penny stocks by learning to read stock charts and identify technical patterns through technical analysis. Follow along and learn as I perform a quick stock chart technical analysis review on $ARDX, $PHUN, $AMC, $NIO, $BFRI, $LCID, $PLTR, $AUPH, $TSLA, $SPY

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Investing in Silver

For those who lost money in the stock market over the last two years in the aftermath of the banking and real estate debacles, the prospect of investing again can be somewhat frightening. Of course this assumes that we have money left to invest! For the sake of argument, we will assume you do.

What’s Happening to the Price of Gold?

Rather than investing in other businesses, where there is always a big percent of risk involved, it’s better to invest in something that is only going to give you more profits by the passage of time. There are many options of investing one’s money; however, people don’t give much heed to invest their precious capital on gold, and most of the investors always try to put their money in the bonds, stocks, mutual and hedge funds etc. However, the financial experts are very much confident in getting profitable shares by investing in the gold commodities’ market.

American Gold Eagle Coins 1 Oz

The specifications for the minted gold coins is backed by United States Congress and the United States Mint ensuring that the coins are 22 karat which is the English standard for gold coins. Although the face value of the coins is $50, $25, $10 and $5 there actual value is base on the price that the gold is worth at the time.

Collecting Silver Coins – Investing in Today’s Economy

Few people that have analyzed the current level of federal spending and the entailing deficits that are projected for the foreseeable future, would argue that inflation is a necessary consequence of the ballooning national debt that is being accumulated. Whether this inflationary trend might repeat the gloomy days of the 1970’s is unclear or whether it might even exceed them is unknown. What is certain is that individuals that do not adequately prepare for this could see their savings lose even more value.

Why Invest in Gold Bullion Coins?

Many market gurus suggest that the strongest portfolios are those that are the most diversified. Broadening your investing horizon – whether it be in stocks, bonds, cash, etc. – always helps to ensure that your portfolio has a steady rate of growth while at the same time minimizing your potential losses. One often overlooked type of investment is precious metals. With the current recessionary issues, investing in gold bullion coins, especially those that contain 99.99% pure gold, is a wise move in protecting yourself.

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