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People are living much longer now than they used to, so if you didn’t have enough money saved up or invested when you entered into retirement, these tips will help you get all the way to the ‘end of the game.’

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How Does a Roth IRA Work? Roth IRA Retirement Savings Accounts

A Roth IRA is a retirement savings account which in most cases you take care of independently unlike a 401k which is sponsored by your employer. Through the Roth IRA your monetary contributions are invested in various markets. Over the years the investment in the markets will cause the savings in your 401k retirement account to increase.

Silver – The Ultimate 401k Plan

The 401k plan wasn’t designed for you as a savings tool it was designed originally for the wealthy as a tax advantage and when it didn’t work out as planned the 401k was repackaged and presented to the every day working person as a retirement plan which is now evident it didn’t prove the best tool for retirement plans either. Not many people even in high financial circles are aware that individuals can acquire Silver within their 401k plan which makes that plan then the ultimate 401k plan as we look deeper into the information this will become crystal clear, also you will notice some reasons this information has not being shared with you by your broker/dealer or the person managing you account.

What’s the Best Way to Roll Over 401k to IRA? Discover Some Winning Tactics

If you’re wondering; what’s the best way to roll over 401k to IRA accounts, you are probably changing jobs. During this time of transition, you need fewer headaches, not more. The information in this article will, at least, help you make the transition to a new retirement account, painlessly.

What is the Safest Way to Rollover My 401k? Find Out the Truth Now

One of my friends recently asked, “What is the safest way to rollover my 401k?” Being somewhat of an expert on the subject, I get that question a lot. I decided that writing an article about it would save me a little time. Instead of answering everyone individually, I could refer them to this article. I thought that my regular readers would be interested, as well. So, here goes.

The Best Way to Rollover a 401k – What Are Your Options?

Whether you are changing jobs or simply looking for higher returns, it pays to learn about the best way to rollover a 401k. If you make a mistake, you can’t ask for a “do-over”. The IRS is not that forgiving. Here are the top suggestions.

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