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Day trading is not easy. The rewards and upside potential are enormous, but surviving in the markets long enough to take advantage of those rewards is a whole different challenge. One of the areas of day trading that I underestimated when I was a beginner was the importance of rules. Yes, most people know that in order to survive and thrive you need a valid strategy that will produce consistent money making results; however, the rules surrounding that strategy often times get lost in the shuffle. I want to share one of my rules that has allowed me to survive in the markets as a day trader for 15 years (and counting!). The good news is this rule is nothing fancy. It’s easy to see when it needs to be implemented; yet, it is extremely powerful given what it helps you acknowledge and then avoid. While the rule can take many forms, I want to share with you how I use it and encourage you to consider implementing it into your personal trading as it can (and will) help you avoid some very miserable days in the market!

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The Knowledge Of The Basics Of Gold Transactions Helps In Deciding Where To Sell Gold Coins

Gold, as a property, is one of such items that has got a great value in any period of time. Be it the historic era or the modern times, the value that people associate with gold is never dying.

The Kitco Raid and Why It Is Not Safe to Store Gold in Canada

One of the world’s most prominent gold and silver dealers was recently raided by Canadian authorities. This article explains why, in my opinion, means it is no longer safe to buy or sell gold in Canada. Switzerland, Singapore and Hong Kong are more reliable alternatives for storage of physical gold bullion.

Silver Investing – Is the Party Over?

There has been much written by silver bulls the past few years about the low price of silver relative to that of gold. I am one of those bullish authors. In 2010 and early 2011 all the bullish rhetoric about silver investing proved to be more than justified by the relative price increases in silver and gold, with silver outperforming gold by almost 300% during this that period. Then silver hit a big bump in the road-or more descriptive; fell into a trench in the road. The price pulled back over 30% in a week, and didn’t recover and make new highs in a few days as it had done in other recent sharp pullbacks. Is the party over for silver investing? Has the bubble burst?

Kitco Silver – Learn the Number ONE Mistake in Silver Investing

Kitco Silver is a great tool for silver investing, but most investors are leaving a TON of money on the table. Discover how you can invest in silver, Risk Free!

Gold and Silver Are Volatile – Do Not Invest

Gold and silver are volatile and you would be risking your money if you were investing in them and thus – do not invest. Unless, you are even a slight student of the GFC. With even a slight knowledge of the causes of the financial crisis, you could turn the volume down on those assertions that gold and silver are volatile to a level near zero.

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