This One (small) Change Will Make You A Better Day Trader

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Want to become a better day trader? Let me share with you this one small change you can make which in return will make you a better day trader. Fair warning, if you are going into this video seeking some sort of grand explanation and trick, you will be very disappointed. When I say a “small change”, that’s not clickbait at all, the solution to a common problem is actually quite anti-climatic. If you are someone who finds themselves feeling stressed and overwhelmed during a trade, then this would be a video for you. If you buy a stock and then feel a rush of emotions overcome you, this would be a video for you. A huge area of becoming a successful and profitable trader is learning how to control the emotions and voices that fill our minds after we enter a trade. Through my personal experience, there is one “thing” on our trading screens that drastically compounds onto the voices and fuels their fire. Let me show you what things “thing” is and why it’s so dangerous and needs to be removed. When you remove it, you’ll notice a new peace of mind that comes over you during your trade management phase.

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