The War Against Your Wealth: Interview With Author E.B. Tucker

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What is the government doing to your money? And how can you protect yourself?

These are key questions facing every American today. In this interview, Friday Gold Wrap Podcast host Mike Maharrey tries to dig out some answers with investment veteran and author E.B. Tucker.

Tucker is the author of “Why Gold? Why Now? The War Against Your Wealth and How to Win It.”

As the title suggests, the book about investing in gold. But it’s really about far more than that. It explains how government actors and central bankers are destroying your wealth through intentional policies that warp the economy and devalue your money.

But as Tucker explains in the book, once we understand the problem, we can take steps to protect our wealth.

In this interview, Mike and E.B. talk about the current state of the economy with a focus on dollar devaluation, inflation, and the power of gold as an investment to help win the war against your wealth. We also discuss gold royalty companies and how they fit into the broader gold market.

Tune in to the Friday Gold Wrap each week for a recap of the week’s economic and political news as it relates to gold and silver, along with some insightful commentary.

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Gold-Silver Price Movement and Small Traders

Nowadays routine gold – silver buyers and sellers are in big turmoil especially in countries like India, where most of the traders run business in traditional fashion. The price tracking methods of these traders are very poor hence they are unable to rationalise the price movement of the precious metals.

Return of the Gold Standard?

The return of the gold standard is most likely a few years away. The disastrous actions by central bankers in Switzerland means that a gold standard is forthcoming.

Reasons to Own Gold Even at $2000/Oz

This article will explain the top five reasons investors should own gold. Even as the price reaches $2000/oz the rationale for owning gold is still in place.

Going to College? Not Always the Best Idea

There are a lot of negative things occurring thanks to loose economic policy. The young people of the country, like their parents who signed away their lives with mortgages, are swamped with student loans and harsh a job market. How can a young person pay off $20,000+ in loans with a part-time job, or a job that pays under $15 per hour?

Hard Assets to Topple the Fraud

The debt ceiling fiasco, resulting in a “super committee” that has no interest for the public at-large, should be a stark indicator to the US population that the time for real action against tyrannical government is here. The mortgage “crisis” was a great indicator of what happens when government is in bed with supposed private entities. The same thing is occurring with the US bond market right now and US stocks as well.

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