The Stock Market is a Prankster: How to Trade Smart

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The stock market is essentially a human being. When you stop and think about it, given the market is made up of millions of human beings, it makes sense. Just as humans (well, some of them haha!) have a sense of humor, so does the stock market. In many ways, the stock market is a prankster and you need to learn how to trade smart given this context. There will be many trading situations where you think you have a good trade plan, but the market will cause you to think otherwise. At times, there is nothing you can do about it. The stock market will pull a prank on you and laugh and all you can do is shake your head and laugh also. However, if you want to trade smart, then you need to consider this trading tip I discuss in the video here. The tip is nothing complicated. It’s actually very basic and simple to use, but the impact can be awesome! No worries. I will not be “talking in theory”. I will use some of my personal stock day trading results that I captured on video as a reference point to help illustrate this lesson. Let’s get to it!

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Current Gold and Silver Prices Prove That They Are the Commodities of the Kings

Gold and silver prices are the perfect indicators of the current value of currency. Central banks will never cease to devalue currency. This serves the leisure class of citizens and the government in different ways. It benefits governments by reducing the actual value of the national debt.

Invest In Gold, Silver Or Mining Stocks?

Due to the economic troubled period all over the world it is difficult to find an area where one can invest without considering the possibility of total failure. Because of this fact, the trend nowadays turns investors’ attention to more traditional markets. Precious metals investments seem to be highly appreciated and recommended by stock market professionals. However this market is a very wide one. So the following question arises: which side of it is safer and brings more profits?

Invest In Physical Gold

Investing in gold in general is one of the safest ways of putting money in something sure, that is not affected by economic crises and recessions. Furthermore it brings profits, a thing that can be backed up by a short history of the precious metal over time at a worldwide level.

Silver Futures Prices and the US Dollar

Silver is considered by many investors to be a safe haven and an inflationary hedge in times of economic turmoil. It is also considered to be a type of insurance to protect against weakening currency valuations.

Gold Futures Prices May Break Through $1500

Gold futures prices recently sold off by over $100 an ounce as the European debt problems seem to have subsided. Many economic reports around the globe seem to have been better than expected.

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