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2006 Silver Eagles – What Makes These Silver Coins Worth Collecting?

Mention the 2006 Silver Eagle coin to a dedicated coin collector and their eyes sparkle with excitement! These lovely, rare coins have been highly sought after since they were first minted. So, what makes the 2006 Silver Eagles worth collecting?

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Gold

Buying gold has long been touted as a terrific way to diversify investment portfolios and protect against downturns in global currency values and financial markets. At first glance, the process seems simple enough, but newcomers are prone to making critical mistakes that can lead to big monetary losses. This article highlights some of the most common mistakes to avoid.

Rate of Silver and Its Fluctuations

The price of silver was showing tremendous increase at the end of 2010, with a high of 70% in just four months. As a result, investors worldwide are bullish with expectation that the rate of silver will reach new highs during 2011 and 2012…

Easy Tips on How and Where to Sell Silver

Silver is one of the most valuable raw materials in the planet which comes with high price in resell though this fact is not known to many people. Silver may be used to produce products ranging from jewelries, dinner wares, electrical products for machineries and other personal items.

The Best Option For You To Sell Gold

It is no surprise to us that we are now living in critical times that are extremely hard to deal with. We see the economy goes from bad to worse. Times like these, people do whatever it takes to earn money.

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