The Problem with Being Disciplined (Day Trader Truths)

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Some days, discipline is such a problem! I’m sure you’ve heard it numerous times, “if you want to be a successful day trader, be disciplined!”. The annoying part of this statement is, there are tons of problems with being disciplined which make it extremely hard to do! Think about it. If there were zero problems that came along with being a disciplined trader, everyone would do it because it’s easy! This is not the case. One of the biggest day trader truths I can encourage you to remember is to take a realistic approach to the skill of discipline. It is by no means a magic pill. You are going to need to grind through developing the skill set. In fact, I would say it’s a skill set impossible to ever 100% master due to all the problems that come with it. Let me show you an exact example of what I mean. No worries, this is not some random selected situation. I will be using some of my personal day trading results that I happened to catch, live, on video! Let’s take a look at the problems that come with being disciplined.

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