The Math that Matters Most For Beginning Day Traders

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When it comes to day trading (and investing in general), there are numbers involved. Therefore, math is a requirement for anyone who is looking to become a day trader or investor. Let me be very clear, the math requirements are nothing fancy. You don’t need a college degree in physics to understand the math required in the financial markets. With all this being said, the math becomes much more complicated in a hidden type of way. In fact, the math can be done for you via spreadsheets and calculators, so you truly do not need to be great at math. The problem that arises is there are several different “types” of math. If you are not aware of how these types of math operate within the market, you are going to experience headaches and frustrations as a trader. As I type this out, I’m thinking this is getting way too confusing and complicated trying to explain with words. So with that being said, all I can really say is do not let these words confuse you, haha! Just watch the video and I will do a much better job of illustrating exactly what I’m trying to describe here!

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24K Gold Jewelry Is More Than A Solid Gold Investment – It Is True Portable Wealth?

24k gold jewelry is an excellent way to store wealth in a way that you can easily carry it with you without raising any eyebrows. With lower markups that many other types of jewelry, sold gold jewelry allows you to carry wealth discreetly with no forms to fill out when you cross borders on international travel.

Which Are the Best Gold Coins to Buy?

One of the most common questions I hear is from keen investors wanting to know the best gold coins to buy as an investment. The most important thing people seem to overlook is the ease in which you’ll be able to sell the coins. It sounds obvious, but so many buyers focus purely on trying to get as much gold for their money when they invest that they forget to consider the liquidity of the gold. Remember that your profit is only realised on physical gold when you actually sell the coins at a profit. So when buying coins your primary focus must be on choosing well known coins in desirable condition. So please don’t be tempted by an obscure coin just because its £10 cheaper than its globally renowned alternative. With this in mind, any of the well known bullion coins are a safe bet. These could be Sovereigns, Britannias, Krugerrands, Eagles, etc. You can find a comprehensive list with thorough descriptions by clicking here.

Gold Investment Still Not Part of the Average Portfolio

Over the past few months we’ve seen the price of gold head higher. Just recently many investment analysts have predicted the price to continue its meteoric rise with $1,500/oz sited by year end and $2,000/oz within the next 18 months. Over the past decade gold has returned an average of over 25% a year. Yet, still only a small percentage of investors own physical gold, especially in the UK. Total net investment in gold from start of 2010 through to July 31st was $2.7 billion. Yet, in the course of the same period, investors poured $22 billion into emerging markets mutual funds and $155 billion into bond funds. In comparison to these numbers, the total amount invested into gold is negligible.

Investing In Gold Jewelry

Thanks to its remarkable sum of qualities, gold is now probably the most popular precious metal in the world. It is considered a symbol of wealth and prosperity, not to mention a hedge against any type of economical, financial and currency crises. Specialists say that this is what also makes gold a very good investment opportunity, one that is safe now and will probably remain so in the future.

Price of Gold Stocks in the Stock Market

Gold has always been a substantial stock to invest in. Security and it’s constant rise is what makes people want to invest. The gold stock is rarely on a low and has only risen since it has come into existence. Over that last 10 years, the gold stock price has increased more than 250%.

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