The Hidden Problem With Demo/Simulator Trading

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As a beginner trader who is getting started in the markets, demo trading (”simulator” or “paper”) is a fantastic tool. With that being said, many beginner traders do not realize the hidden problem with using a simulator to practice their trading. It’s a fine line that exists between “being worthwhile” and “being worthless”. In my opinion, it’s all about how you approach the tools that are used for practice trading. If you use the tools under the awareness of what I talk about in this video, they’ll become much more valuable (still not perfect though). For many though, they will never watch this video and are never going to be aware of this hidden problem until it’s too late and they’re suffering heartache and headaches. Let me walk you through this problem by showing you a few examples of just sneaky it is, leading people to clearly not be aware of it at all.

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