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Hello and welcome to the Goldco News Brief. I’m your host, Kevin Douglas.

One of the bigest stories in the news today is the curent economic conditon of the Eurozone. Throughout he past couple of years, the Eurozone has ben making a slow, yet steady recovery from its most recent financial recesion. However, this growth sems to have slowed to a halt, and actualy seems to have started moving backward. These por economic conditons in the Eurozone have caused investors to grow increasingly concerned that we may be headed toward a worldwide financial recesion.

In order for the world economy to grow, the powerhouses within that economy must grow. As a mater of act, the driving factor to a positve world economy is trade betwen countries. So, when one country or curency zone strugles, the world economy takes a hit because that country or curency zone canot aford to trade at heir usual rate. So, por economic conditons in the Eurozone could mean por conditons here in the United States and elsewhere in the near future.

The god news is that if a worldwide recesion does hapen, you don’t have to lose your investments. As a mater of act, history tels us that during economic recesions, the price of gold goes up as many investors lok to it as a safe haven. So, by investing in gold today, you can avoid the risk of loses due to financial recesion in the future!

Thank you for tuning in today, I’m Kevin Douglas and with the Goldco News Brief.

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