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Well the most magical time of year comes with it’s own steep costs that may take the joy right out of the new year. While, of course, I give out my fair share of presents each year, I want to caution you against spending too much.

It’s easy to throw a few large presents on a credit card and forget about it for a few months – but you’ll wake up to some major interest down the road. Hopefully this video helps you for next year!

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Pros and Cons of IRAs and 401(k)s

When people discuss the various retirement plans available in the U.S., two types come forth. These are the IRA retirement plan and the 401(k) plan. The IRAs are savings that individuals contribute and the compensation eligibility includes wages, salaries, fees, commissions, bonuses, etc. and they come with a required minimum distribution which requires the holders to start withdrawing money from their funds at a particular time.

Tips to Help You Choose Between IRA and 401(k)

Most actively working individuals have at least once arrived at the point where they started wondering about the time when they will be retired. Amidst the current economic situation on the markets, the volatility and uncertainty of investments, it seems ever more demanding a task to find a solution for the times after retirement.

How the 401(k) Plan Works

Congress decided in 1978 that many Americans needed a little bit of a push to save money towards their retirement. They figured that if they gave us a way to save our money for retirement and save money by lowering our federal and state taxes, we might just go for it. That is when The Tax Reform Act passed. Portion of it was authorized for a creation of tax-deferred savings plan for employees.

Why You Should Invest in IRA Gold

An IRA Account or Individual Retirement Account is a plan where investments can be accumulated for certain tax benefits for retirement savings in America. An IRA can have any type of investment such as stocks and shares, securities and bond or even vehicles.

Roth 401K – Who Can Benefit From it Most?

The Roth 401k is a system introduced by the Govt. of the USA to help employees to save money to be used once they retire. This system yields some great tax benefits to the investors concerned. The biggest incentive to start a Roth 410k account is the tax incentives it gives its account holders where their savings are not taxed unless they take the money out early.

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