The BIG Basics of Day Trading Options [Online Guide]

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If you are brand new to the stock options market and wanting to learn how to trade options, then this online guide is for you! Let’s talk about the big basics of day trading stock options. In this online guide I will show you the various areas of stock options that will help you best understand them in the quickest amount of time. What is the options market? How does the options market work? How much money do you need to trade stock options? I will cover those questions and many more. One of the biggest benefits of the stock options market is how it allows traders with smaller accounts to get involved with higher priced stocks. This will open up many more opportunities compared to having to trade penny stocks and other shady stocks that exist online. As a far warning, if you are someone looking for a massively in-depth mathematical based course on options, this will not be the online guide for you. This guide is intended for those beginners who want to day trade options, but have a very little understanding of how options work. My goal is to insult your intelligence as I show you just how easy understanding options can be and help get you started in pursuing your options trading journey! Let’s get to it!

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