The Bi-Polar Nature of Day Traders (what to expect!)

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As a beginner day trader and someone who is just getting started in the stock market, it is very important to know what to expect. When you start a new journey and have your expectations in line with reality, it certainly makes overcoming the hurdles a bit easier when they arise. One fact you need to quickly realize as a day trader is you are not emotionally stable. Sure, I understand in your normal life you would look at yourself (and be considered) as a normal person; however, the stock market has an interesting way of changing all of this. The vast majority of people are actually bi-polar in nature. You can be feeling a certain way and then in a matter of minutes you are feeling the exact opposite. To someone observing you, you are going to seem like a nutcase. Please understand this though, that’s okay! You are normal for being bi-polar! The key is you need to be aware of it and understand how to deal with it when it happens. Let me show you using some of my personal day trading results I caught on video an instance where the bi polar nature of trading hit me and it was all caught live. Buckle up!

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