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For whatever reason, most people give their money to a mutual fund manager who probably isn’t getting them the returns they deserve. I want to reveal the truth about mutual funds and why it’s much better to invest on your own if you ever want to be financially free.

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401k Rollover Has Its Good and Bad Points

A lot of people that find themselves out of a job are interested to know what happens to their 401k after they have lost their current employer, a 401k rollover of your current 401k will ensure that you keep the amount of money that you have already invested in your future. But, before you decide to engage in rolling over your funds you need to have an understanding of how the process works.

401k Rollover is a Financial Tool For These Tough Times

With the economy being in the predicament that it is presently with many people that have a 401k are interested in going through with a 401k rollover. However, before you decide to take the initial steps to commence in the 401k rollover process it helps to know what the rollover consists of.

How to Roll Your 401K Into an IRA

If you are recently unemployed or your company has just changed ownership, you have the opportunity to convert the existing company 401K to an IRA which is an individual retirement account. Many people are intimidated by the prospect of this conversion but in reality, it is quite simple and offers many benefits.

Roth IRAs Poised to Surge in 2010

Roth IRAs are about to experience a surge due to a long-awaited tax-law change that will finally take effect January 1, 2010. It is expected to open the floodgates for wealthy and upper-middle class taxpayers.

What Are the Rules For 2010 401k Contribution Limits?

The IRA and 401k limits are constantly changing, as they are based on the rate of inflation. Here’s a look at the 2010 401k contribution limits.

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