Stop Being a Sucker! (ClayTrader Scam)

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Have you seen this ClayTrader scam? Have you been the target? If so, I really hope you weren’t a sucker! So please, stop being a sucker! I have yet another recent example of someone who fell for the scam. While I do feel bad for this person, there is a part of me that struggles to find any remorse due to the amount of greed involved. As a beginner, I understand you don’t know much of anything; however, this is not a “hall pass” to throw all logic to the wind. When you see these kinds of claims being presented to you, please allow your “don’t be a sucker” alarm bells to ring aloud in your mind. I hate to see people getting scammed like this, which is why I’m doing another video on it… but come on people! Stop being so greedy!

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