Stock Trading Halts Explained (Day Trader Warning!)

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Stock trading halts are one of those dynamics that most beginner day traders do not understand. In fact, most beginner day traders in the stock market who are just getting started do not even realize they exist, hence the warning in this video! If you are new to the stock market and have no idea what I mean when I say “stock trading halt”, that’s okay. Common sense and logic would lead you to believe a stock with move in price up and down as supply and demand determines. Unfortunately though, that’s not quite how it works in reality. There are self admittedly some areas of the stock market and trading that do not need to be really understood, such as some of the more advanced mathematic areas; however, that’s not the case here. The concept of trading halts is very straight-forward, but even more-so, it’s super important you are aware they exist and the potential problems they present. Instead of talking “in theory”, I will be using some of my personal day trading stock results that show you a halt in motion. While the price action and halt was unfortunate for me, I hope it becomes a great learning experience for you and serves as a massive day trader warning on why stock trading halts need to be factored into trade strategies and rules!

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Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin History

A little about the history and source of this fascinating coin. Also a mention of the world’s largest gold coin – how much do you think that it was worth?

How to Invest in Gold

Even during the ravages of recession, inflation, and politics, gold has been an utmost shield to combat with all such circumstances. It has the power and the strength to combat with all such decline periods and is considered to be a store of wealth even if we trace back to its history when gold centres were preserved. This metal has been recorded to have a doubled increase over the past five years. It has proven itself to be financial hedge for ordinary people and the investors as well.

Why Gold is a Good Hedge Investment?

At the time of global depression, and economic slowdown, investors look forward to park their investments safely. Gold is a clear choice, as a safe investment haven. During last two years, when all the asset classes have failed to perform, gold is the only invest able asset that remained upbeat.

Will I Make a Good Return by Investing in Gold?

During financial crisis, it makes sense to fall back on time-proven investing approach. Gold is a standard form of investment, which has proved its worth every time, even in unbalanced markets.

Gold Coin Collecting – An Investment in Your Future

The one thing that you can collect that will never lose its value is gold coins. Gold is the most desired resource in the world and it is predicted that the value of gold will increase substantially over the next several years.

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