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Let’s take a look at the forecast for the stock market in 2019, will it go up or will it go down further? But more importantly, what are my recommendations for where to put your money this year?

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Guidelines in Creating Your First 401K

A 401k is a retirement savings plan that allows a person to save for retirement by taking a set percentage of their earnings out of their paycheck each pay period. This money is invested and looked after by the employer. Some companies match what you invest in your plan by a percentage or all of what you have contributed to your retirement plan.

How Do Self Directed IRA’s Work?

A lot of people know what an Individual Retirement Account is, but they do not know how an IRA works. Each IRA works in a different way, with their own rules and regulations. Roth and Traditional IRAs will have their own way of dealing with assets for retirement purposes.

IRA Investments

Actual money needs to be present in IRAs. Cash, or the equivalent of cash, needs to fund IRAs. In order to transfer any type of asset over to another account, money is required.

IRA Limits

Self directed IRAs have contribution limits. So do the other IRAs. Each year there are different requirements set for maximum limit amounts.

What Are the Benefits to Contributing to an IRA Or 401(k) Type Plan?

Taxes undermine our ability to grow our wealth and secure our retirement. To help people save for retirement, the government has authorized tax advantages to those who contribute to regulated retirement savings plans. This article explains the benefits of contributing to them.

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