Stock Influencers: “We’re Robbing F**king Idiots of Their Money”

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If you choose to take the lazy path and blindly follow other people, you’re setting yourself up for a dangerous spot. I don’t care what other people are telling you. If their advice and alerts are “free of charge”, YOU are the product. YOU are the one who they are using to create liquidity and dump all over. Very recently the SEC charged a group of social media influencers for doing this exact thing. I understand at times it can seem like a bit of a tinfoil hat theory; however, I’ve been around for a long time and seen these situations over and over again. If you want to find success as a day trader or investor, YOU must put in the hard work and find a strategy that best fits your personal risk tolerance and needs. If you believe that all it takes to ‘get rich’ is to follow some random person on social media, you’re going to have some very tough lessons coming your way. Let’s breakdown the most recent SEC investigation and how the social media influencers used their followers and sheep to fleece.

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