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1900 Lafayette, America’s First Commemorative Silver Dollar

The Lafayette commemorative silver dollar was not only America’s first commemorative silver dollar, but the first coin to have a portrait of our first president on it. This also was the only silver dollar commemorative coin minted until 1983.

The Truth About Gold

The gold market today is full of people beaten down and demoralized. Many bought gold on predictions of inflation that would cause their cash savings to evaporate into thin air. Others have been waiting for a coming crash in the bond market that would push huge pools of money out of the so called “safe haven” of the US dollar and into real assets, more specifically gold, causing an unprecedented rise in its price.

Opportunity Arises Out of Crisis: Buy Gold by the Gram

According to global economic experts, the Dollar is on the verge of collapse. This could create a unique business opportunity. You can become a Gold distributor with a legit, debt-free reputable company. Low start up cost, a wealth of coaching, a product that needed by everyone with a savings account, and a stellar automated marketing system make this program a winner!

The Pivotal Grading Point of Rare American Coins

The pivotal grading point of a rare coin is defined as the MS grade where the next higher grade is worth more than double the grade just below it. This is essential information for the rare American coin investor as well as collector.

Rare American Coins and Morgan Dollar Branch Mint Proofs

There is a widespread belief that Philadelphia is the only US mint to produce proof Morgan silver dollars. This is generally true, but the other 3 branch mints occasionally struck proofs as well.

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