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A good understanding of personal finance is one of the most valuable life skills any person can have. So it’s never too early to involve your kids with money. Here are 5 smart money habits you can teach your kids.

You can teach your kids the basic strategies Rule #1 uses to find wonderful businesses they believe in and that will make them the most money long-term. Click the link above to download my Rule #1 Investing Quick Start Guide.

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Your 401k and the Retirement Savings Contribution Credit

If you earn relatively little, there’s good news for your 401k: a federal tax credit. A tax credit is better than a deduction because it directly reduces the amount of taxes you owe, making it as good as cash. Unfortunately, the federal tax credit is limited.

Benefits of 2010 Roth IRA Conversion

Though you don’t get an IRA deduction with a Roth IRA it has it’s benefits. Namely, it’s tax free nature. In the coming year individuals that have been previously been excluded from the Roth can take advantage of it. Here’s a look at the anticipated 2010 Roth IRA Conversion.

You Can Rollover Your 401(k) Within Minutes, But Be Careful!

When you change your job, your old employer usually expects that you will take the money in your 401(k) plan with you. Leaving the money with the old employer is a bad idea. Withdrawing that money for spending is even worst! The better option is to do a rollover.

401k – Investing For Retirement

Years ago almost every employee in every company received a pension through a company paid pension plan. People stayed on one job for their entire career and companies felt it was their duty to provide this type of loyalty after retirement as well.

Learn All About the Roth IRA Conversions

When a person retires, it is important to have money that is set aside, so that the person has options in regard to the things they can do later, as well as the things that they can purchase. There are eleven types of IRA’s that exist. One of them is the Roth IRA. At some point, some may decide on a Roth IRA conversions for one reason or another.

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