Rule One Principle #6: Story

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Build a story that tells your idea of why the company that you want to invest in is a great company. Before you finish your story, invert it. Look at the argument as to why this could be a bad business to go into.

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How Much Will the Tax Be When Cashing Out a 401k?

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IRAs, Roths, and 401ks With Taxed and Untaxed Minimum Required Distributions – MRDs

IRA and Roth IRAs are two examples of government-regulated retirement savings plans – called qualified plans. Both are generally personal plans you set up at banking-type institutions that you can contribute to and withdraw from yourself. Other examples of qualified plans associated with work are 401(k), 403(b) and their Roth versions- like Roth 401(k).

IRA Investment Options Should Be Considered at Every Age

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