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When prices of stocks are set by the most fearful or the most greedy investors, those who are fully in the sway of emotion, it’s clear that the market prices are often far from rational.

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What’s Involved in a 401k Rollover

What’s involved in your 401K rollover when it happens? For the most part, a 401K rollover occurs at the time of retirement or when you change jobs. At that time you may choose to transfer (rollover) your 401K into an IRA. When you partake in this process of transferring your 401K funds from a previous employer into an IRA, then it’s called a ‘401K rollover’.

How Does Your 401k, IRA, and Certificates of Deposit Compare in Their Value to You?

What will your retirement account look like when you reach that age when it will be your only means of living? Well let me tell you, there is a surprising kick of reality when most people consider their final forecast for their retirement savings. In this article, we will compare the three scenarios mentioned in the title, and see how well they will each provide a retirement.

401(a) Plans – Money Purchase Plan Definition

401(a) plans (aka Money Purchase Plan) are retirement savings plans that are offered by your employer. There are many benefits to the plan and it is advised to make contributions, especially if the company offers a match to your own contribution. Discuss contributions on pre-tax or after-tax conditions.

401(a) Plan Rules

Many people are not completely familiar with all the facts associated with a 401(a) plan. If your company offers this type of plan, be sure to take the time to learn what the plan is and how it works. Also learn the rules regarding contributions and withdrawals. Spending a little time asking questions will help when you begin to contribute to the plan. The following questions are commonly asked and they will give you some important answers.

Ensuring a Stable Retirement Income

For many of us who are approaching our golden years, it’s difficult to say whether or not we are prepared to step away from the daily grind: will we have enough money to maintain a comfortable life, or will we need to take some miserable part time job in order to make ends meet? Certainly the key to comfortable retirement is to have as much money saved in the bank and retirement accounts as possible.

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