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Wondering how to gain financial freedom and independence through investing? You’re not alone. Today, I discuss ways to take control of your financial future so you can live the life you choose while building sustainable wealth.

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Taking Your 401k Retirement Savings Account to the Next Level

You have taken the first steps. You have resolved to pay yourself first by contributing to your 401k plan. And, clearly, you are taking personal responsibility by virtue of the fact that you are researching this topic.

Understanding the Roth IRA Withdrawal Rules

The Roth IRA withdrawal rules are previewed by the Federal Government every year and while at times they are left untouched, certain years witness a major overhaul of the rules and regulations. Therefore, an investor who makes regular contributions to the Roth IRA funds must remain abreast of these changes as it is this cognizance which would enable him to make correct decisions pertaining to his retirement amount. Being a retirement plan, the Roth IRA is subject to certain criteria which must be met in order to affect a withdrawal and deviation from these would call for a…

Which IRA Are You Planning To Take?

Are you one of those people who believe that retirement is far off and that you have more than enough time to plan what will come next? Or are you one of those who believe in planning ahead and so ensuring a happy post retirement life? I hope you fall under the latter category.

Retirement Plans – Decide Now!

Retirement is an essential stage in any working person’s life. It is a section of life that is much looked forward to but also anticipated. Why is it a cause of anticipation?

Different Ways of Investing in Roth IRA Funds

One of the advantages of opting for Roth IRA funds is that one is free to choose any investment vehicle for putting the contribution in and this may range from a traditional plan to more contemporary options. While traditional investing is akin to safe playing, it does not multiply as quickly as the inflation rates due to which the final amount is also often not as much as it should be. Therefore, one needs to be aware of other more lucrative alternatives some of which are discussed as follows:

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