Ready to Give Up Day Trading? Consider This…

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You are not alone if you are ready to give up on day trading. For those of us who have been day trading for several years, we have all been at that moment in time where we just wonder if giving up is the best choice. I want you to consider a few things though before you make this final decision. I really want to reiterate that just because you are considering giving up does not mean you should. It means you are starting to realize that something is broken within your trading and that you need to address it. To be fair, yeah, maybe you should give up. Maybe that is the best course of action; however, very rarely is that the case. The best choice is to keep on fighting, but this time with different tactics. What are these tactics? What are these different choices you can make to help put yourself in a better position to find success as a trader? I want to share with you a couple resources and ideas that I believe can offer you a “real life” look into changes that others have made (instead of giving up) which has resulted in a very different outcome! So, if you are ready to give up day trading, please consider this…

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Why Physical Precious Metals Are Crucial in Any Investment Portfolio

The consensus amongst investors is that any well diversified investment portfolio, regardless of its size, should have exposure to the physical bullion markets. It has throughout history provided investors with a consistent, secure and safe way to accumulate and store wealth. Although Central Banks, financial institutions and High Net Worth Investors have been the main participants in the bullion markets for centuries, access to investment-grade bullion have until recently been limited for private investors…

Learn To Buy Gold Bullion Coins

Currently, buying gold has proved itself to be a financially responsible decision. In fact, for many centuries, gold has been one of the more valuable commodities. Many countries have even given their lives for it, while their environments fight for the valuable commodity.

Investing in Gold for a Secure Future

Since the recession, there have been many people who have lost everything that they have worked for and saved for years at a time. Many of these people believed that the stock market was a fool prop way to invest and in the end lost everything. This does not mean they should not have saved for retirement. What they should have done though is saved in a much safer form. GOLD

The Intrinsic Value of a Gold Coin

Gold coins and bullion do not react to market conditions, are not subject to volatility, to not act like stocks and bonds, and most importantly help to diversify and optimize long-term investment. For thousands of years, gold bullion has been the main form of currency across the world, its an economic law. It has a lot of historic value.

The Carson City Mint

The Carson City mint produced coins in such small quantities that today many of them are highly sought after prizes. Carson City dollars are the most popular coins from the mint, but many people collect the other denominations as well. The Carson City mint saw many changes in coinage during its short life. Twenty cent pieces came and went, arrows were added to quarters and halves to signify a change in silver value, and the Carson City dollar changed design three times!

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