QYLD Investment – Are You Ok With THIS Risk???

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The investment product of $QYLD has become pretty popular among investors due to the large payouts it advertises. $QYLD is by far one of the most commonly asked questions I receive when it comes to beginners who are just getting started investing into the stock market, so I wanted to offer some additional thoughts on it as an investment product. I don’t want to use the word “scam” as that would be way too dramatic; however, I will say that when something is offering you very high payouts, such as $QYLD, there is another dynamic at play to balance everything out. Given we as investors now have an additional several months of data to look at during this Bear market, there are some very evident issues at work in regards to the trajectory of where $QYLD is headed. I’m not an investment advisor and none of what I’m saying should be taken as advice. My goal is to make you aware of this new data and leave it in your hands to assist you in determining if you are ok with the the risk presented. I don’t know anything about your personal risk tolerances or goals as an investor, so it’s impossible for me to give any kind of specific advice. At this point, the data has become quite clear, $QYLD carries with it a very black-and-white risk that you’ll need to weigh within your decision making process. Let me show you what I mean with some easy to follow logic and visual images.

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