Price Of Gold USA

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Price of Gold USA

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00:00 – Intro
00:15 – Price of Gold USA (Gold Coin Price in USA)
00:39 – Gold Rate in USA Today
01:04 – Price of Silver
01:27 – Price of Palladium
01:55 – Price of Platinum
02:19 – Best Gold Dealers

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Gold Investment Nerd channel for this brand new price of gold USA video! Make sure to give the video a like and subscribe to the channel for daily gold price updates and much more! Alright, time to find out the price of gold USA, as well as the price of silver, palladium and platinum!

All of these prices were accurate at the time of making this video.

Price Of Gold USA
Gold price per ounce: $1850.40
Gold price per gram: $59.49
Gold price per kilo: $59,491.74
Gold price per pennyweight: $92.52
Gold price per tola: $693.90

Price Of Silver
Silver price per ounce: $28.41
Silver price per gram: 80 cents
Silver price per kilo: $797.50
Silver price in pennyweight: $1.24
Silver price in tola: $9.30

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Price Of Palladium
Palladium price per ounce: $2,104
Palladium price per gram: $67.65
Palladium price per kilo: $67,645.17
Palladium price in pennyweight: $105.20
Palladiunm price in tola: $789

Price of Platinum
Platinum price per ounce: $1,060
Platinum price per gram: $34.08
Platinum price per Kilo: $34,079.79
Platinum price in pennyweight: $53
Platinum price in tola: $409.50

And that is the round up of precious metals prices for today. Here at the Gold Investment Nerd channel, as well as telling you the price of gold, we also want to point you in the direction of the best and most reputable precious metals dealers, so…

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Thanks for watching.

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