Platinum & Palladium vs Gold & Silver

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Link to the article Jeff mentions: Does Mike Maloney buy any other precious metals besides gold and silver? The answer may surprise you…
Platinum and palladium are both precious metals, just like gold and silver, because their occurrence in the earth’s crust is rare. In fact, platinum is actually more rare than gold. So why doesn’t GoldSilver sell them?
It has to do with their uses, and their status as a safe haven. Here’s what you need to know before investing in these metals…
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Get Cash For Your Old Gold

Life is full of uncertainties and the last thing that you want to deal with is “money problems.” When this happens, it could leave you with an ache and only a few choices to choose from. One of the few options that are available to you, to solve this problem is to get cash for gold.

Timing the Dips: Gold and Silver Pushed Back by Margin Calls

The dollar is toast, long term, and gold and silver have a long long way to go. Much hay was made of silver index pricing getting close to $50 recently, which is the historical high. That, of course, is a bunch of horse hockey because adjusted for corrosive inflation silver would have to get to $130 to match that 1980 price in real terms. Silver is still way undervalued in current dollars, even at $50.

Keep Track of Your Investments With Silver Updates

Gold and silver are increasingly being viewed as real money that is capable of storing its value and maintaining its position in the top list of sound investment ventures. What is the value of a silver dollar coin? This question has many answers for it depends on a lot of things.

Buy Silver and You Will Undoubtedly Be Able to Keep Your Investments Going

There is a long list of investors out there who have traditionally invested their hard-earned money in the stock market and mutual funds. This most likely leads to bankruptcy if not affected by ongoing economic crisis.

Silver – Per Ounce Costs High in the Market These Days

Have you ever thought of how much the price of silver per ounce is in the past? How about its price in the future? You’ll be surprised to know how silver per ounce prices are doing in the market once you do so.

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