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Picking a stock broker can seem confusing because there are several options out there. In today’s clip from the InvestED podcast, Danielle and I discuss how to pick stock brokers and explain why it’s so important to do your research before committing to any one. http://bit.ly/3t5THNr

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00:00 – Darwin’s Theory of Evolution
01:20 – How brokers make money
02:51 – How to determine if your broker has bad intentions
04:58 – Order fills
06:37 – Broker options
08:19 – How to pick brokers


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Do Stock Market Numbers Really Matter?

The market value growth, total return focused (Modern Portfolio Theory) approach just doesn’t cut it for developing a retirement income ready investment portfolio… a portfolio that actually grows the income and the working investment capital regardless of the gyrations of the stock market. So, even though the S & P has gained an average 8% per year since 1998, it has failed to cover a modest 4% withdrawal rate nearly all of the time… i.e., in almost all but the past 2.5 years. Growth purpose investing (the stock market, no matter how it is hidden from view by the packaging) is always more speculative and less income productive than income investing. This is precisely why Wall Street likes to use “total return” analysis instead of plain vanilla “yield on invested capital”.

401K (Employee Benefit) and Retirement Plans and Audits

401k Audit is no less an exception which is complex for the people who are not familiar with it. Federal Government has stated some rules and regulations that are mandatory for both 401k plans, other retirement plans, and employer as well.

Investment Opportunity Times Two – Or Is It Four

For your long term portfolio health, make sure that you take advantage of correction produced opportunities… this time. It’s been ten years since the last significant market correction, and it just makes sense to use an investment medium that provides the necessary fuel to add to positions at lower prices. The clock is ticking. When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping

The Power of Self-Directed IRA’s

A Self-Directed IRA, utilizing Real Estate investments, can provide double-digit returns tax free! With a Roth IRA, those returns are tax free forever! With a Traditional IRA, you are earning tax free income to build retirement wealth tax free until you decide that you want to retire (you must be 59 and a half to withdraw from your IRA without incurring the 10% penalty for early withdrawal). Read more for additional information!

Investments in Precious Metals: The Form and Methods That Allow You to Receive Passive Income

Gold, platinum, palladium and silver are considered elite and are the most popular and liquid for investing funds. Precious metals are the object of investment – the most well-known way of investing.

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