Peter Schiff: The Lull Before the Storm

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Over the last several months, gold and silver have faced strong tailwinds due to market expectations that the Fed would tighten monetary policy sooner rather than later to fight price inflation. But after April’s hotter than expected CPI, that sentiment seems to have shifted and the markets are acting the way you would expect in an inflationary environment. Gold and silver have rallied and the dollar has shown weakness. In fact, gold pushed above the $1,900 an ounce level.

In this Gold Videocast, Peter Schiff explains why he thinks this is just the lull before the real storm and now is the time to buy gold and silver.


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The Gold Rush

With the price of gold skyrocketing and no apparent end in sight, many families are joining the gold rush hoping to cash in on their fair share of the fortunes that are being made. And the truth is that the price of gold can only continue higher as governments around the world print money without any concern for the devaluation of their country’s currency. Of course you have to get lucky enough to find a substantial amount of the shiny stuff but it isn’t impossible and can be a lot of fun.

From Solar Power to Nanotechnology – Silver In The 21st Century

Throughout history, common uses of silver have been in coinage, photography, jewelry, and tableware. However, today, with refined techniques of miniaturization, this precious metal’s properties are being aligned toward better use in the field of technology.

Austrian Silver Philharmonic – This Austrian Silver Coin Is Simply Exquisite!

The Austrian Silver Philharmonic Is an incredibly popular, highly sought after Austrian silver bullion coin that is minted each year by Vienna’s famous Austrian Mint. These exquisite .999 fine pure silver bullion coins are remarkably large, measuring 1.457″ in diameter and contain 1 troy oz of pure silver.

The Value in Silver As an Investment

Silver separates itself from gold in that it is the second most consumed commodity in the world, but very little new silver being mined. Silver has a high industrial demand and is used in many modern applications today. This article discusses the industrial uses of silver which factor into the value in silver as an investment.

Why Should You Include Gold in Your Investment Portfolio?

One of the keys to a successful investment portfolio is diversification-a mix of stocks, bonds, property, cash, and commodities. In this article, we’re going to focus on a commodity–gold.

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