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Peloton is a trendy new company that stands out against its competitors, but is it a good company to invest in? This week on the InvestED podcast, Danielle and I analyze Peloton from an investing standpoint, and whether or not the company aligns with the Rule #1 strategy.

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Why Do You Need Retirement Planning?

Nowadays many of the retirees have to work during their retirement period because of increasing cost of living, soaring health care cost and inflation. Now days working life is not as long as it used to be during early periods because of various problems like ill health or layoff.  So the ultimate solution to get enough financial stability at the time of your retirement is retirement planning.

Raising Private Money

With continued liquidity tightness and the inability or unwillingness of banks to extend credit to small businesses, small business owners must become creative in ways they can raise funds to help grow their businesses or face the danger of falling by the wayside as many others have. To be able to raise funds, small business owners will need to examine how large businesses raise capital, and tweak the system to fit their individual situations. It is important that any small business that is interested in raising capital hire services from a qualified attorney for guidance. It is especially important now due to the increased amount of scams and the extent to which scammers can go.

The Obama Tax Bill Perks: Interest-Free Roth IRA Transfers

Why are people so up in arms about the Obama tax bill? There are a few parts of the bill that will be of great benefit to the wealthy.

A Simple Strategy to Turn $5,000 a Year Into $3.3 Million Tax Deferred

Here’s the deal. An IRA allows for investors under the age of 50 to contribute $5,000 a year to the account and trade tax free. Investing $5,000 a year for 25 years at 20% annualized will turn a 35 year old investor’s annual contribution into over $3.3 million by the time they are 60 in 2035. The problem is that no one thinks ahead because many are scared of what is to come instead of being confident that the future holds the best for them.

SEP IRA OR 401K – Which One Is Right For You?

This article will hopefully answer questions you may have in regards to deciding on what you will want for your company. Both retirement vehicles are beneficial to small companies and allow for the participants to prepare for a better retirement. But what are the differences?

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