(Part 2) “Buy the Dip” – How I Find These Stocks to Trade…

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If you have not yet, be sure to first watch Part 1 of “buy the dip”. In that video I will go over the general approach of the “buy the dip” stock trading strategy and how to find stocks that meet the criteria. In the Part 1 video, I also did some real time scanning for stocks for illustration purposes. Given I was doing the scans live, we never got to see what actually happened to those stocks that were located. That’s where Part 2 comes into play! How did the stocks I found play out the following week? Let’s take a look and you can see whether or not you think this is a viable strategy to try and build upon. If you are a beginner who is just getting started in the stock market and looking for a starting point to build a strategy or you have experience and are simply looking to diversify your trading strategies, “buy the dip” is worth at least considering. Let me show you the potential this strategy has as an awesome foundation to build upon!

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