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Warren Buffett spends 80% of his day reading and attributes much of his success to it. Having a great reading habit can help you make more money. Watch this video to find out the top 6 non-investing books I recommend reading!

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How to Get Cash From Your 401K

Anyone who has a 401k can cash it out at any time. Just know that you face a 10% penalty if you are cashing it out for a non-qualified reason. You face this penalty along with the taxes you will owe on the amount of your 401K.

The Great Roth IRA Conversion Farce

This article provides eight reasons why the author believes the coming 2010 Roth IRA conversion rules are a farce. He further makes the point that smart investors should steer clear of this much publicized government tax grab from converting a traditional or rollover IRAs to a Roth IRA and paying the taxes on the conversion.

IRA Financing May be the Answer to Your Financial Prayers

What can you do with your IRA? Aside from securing your future, you can use it for your mortgage needs or you can use it to finance a small business or a franchise. So you see investing in IRA financing is going to be worth it, especially when you are already reaping the rewards.

The 401K Maximum – 7 Steps to Get Maximum 401K Value

The 401K Maximum consists of 7 easy to follow tips to maximize your 401K account. Follow these and watch your 401K attain maximum value per dollar invested.

What You Need to Know About Your 401(K)

A 401(k) plan enables employees to defer receiving and paying taxes on a percentage of compensation. The salary reduction amount is deducted from the employee’s paycheck and contributed to a retirement fund, where it accumulates earnings tax-deferred until it is distributed. Tax-deferral is advantageous in that it reduces the employee’s annual tax liability, and pre-tax contributions to retirement accounts grow faster than post-tax contributions due to the effect of compounding.

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